About the Vision Sculpting process

Vision Sculpting is a systematic approach to transform your vision into reality. By combining the creative aspect of our imagination, the well known art of of visualization and harnessing the powerhouse of the subconscious mind, The adventure lifestyle is just a vision away.

About Charles

Charles Foster is a long-time personal coach with a strong background in Clinical Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistics Programming. Combined with an extensive history of energy psychology, Charles is an expert in human performance and the mind body connection.

About Dyanna

Dyanna is the co-creator of the Vision Sculpting process and an intuition-based transformation coach. Dyanna helps people maximize their impact through the alignment of both their inner and outer strength.

Dyanna has an expertise in energy work and shares practical tools and techniques that ignite energy and stimulate creativity.

She designed the "Get Your Sass Back" coaching program to provide a safe space where women can learn to trust and unite their intuitive guidance with the necessary skills to transform their vision into reality.

Dyanna has a successful online practice based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Who will benefit from this course?

We can all use a little more ADVENTURE in our lives, and this course is specifically designed with the entrepreneurial-adventure types who are adept at creating; love thinking outside the box and are dedicated to living a life of adventure.


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